Welcome to Norway

Learn a new language, explore Norwegian culture, discover new activities and make new friends. A Norwegian adventure awaits, on our beautiful Island.

Being a student in a boarding school, you will have great opportunities to get acquainted with fellow students in your group as well as Norwegian nationals in elective  courses. Two days a week you will participate in elective courses with students from other courses. Some elective courses require basic Norwegian language skills, eg. diving and sailing. Those elective courses can be chosen in the second half of the year, when you have acquired sufficient Norwegian skills. 


As a student at Risøy Folkehøyskole you will have the opportunity to learn Norwegian language and culture, to achieve professional development in various courses, and to develop as a person. In the main course, elective courses, leisure activities, on travels, and not the least participating in social activites. You will get to know other people and yourself in new ways.

You will be familiar with our country. Geography, History, Cultural Expressions, Food, Nature. We would also like to learn about your country and culture!


Alle studenter har fellesfaget Leve og lørdagsseminar. På vinteren drar alle linjer sammen på fellesreise til høyfjellet.

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