Welcome to your gap year in Norway

Risøy Folk High School is a boarding school located on the Norwegian riviera, on the beautiful Risøya island near the town of Tvedestrand in southern Norway.

Basic information about the school

  • We are a Folk high school under Norwegian governmental supervision.
  • App. 130 students attend our school annually, all courses last one year, all student live in our dormitories.
  • Our school year starts august 24 and ends may 18 (2014).
  • Age limit: 18 – 26 (average age 19)
  • We are located at the Risøya Island outside of the town of Tvedestrand, 20 min. by bus from town. A little shop 1,5 km from the school.
  • Travelling to Risøya: Plane to Oslo Gardermoen Airport or Oslo Torp Airport. Bus to Tvedestrand/Risøya (3 – 4 hrs). Contact us for more detailed information.
  • We are owned by a Christian foundation, one of the participants is the Norwegian Seamen´s Church which can be found in many seaports around the world, maybe in your country. Give them a call! We welcome students with other beliefs and wish to be a tolerant and including school.
  • Boys and girls live in separate parts of the dormitories, cohabitation with member of the opposite sex is not allowed.
  • The use of alcohol, and of course narcotics, is strictly forbidden.
  • Breaches of the school regulations may result in expulsion.

Norwegian language

You will get by well in Norway speaking English, however is basic knowledge of the Norwegian language necessary. We suggest e. g. a Linguaphone course or similar before arriving. We arrange for a course in basic Norwegian your first 8 weeks, 3 hrs. weekly plus self study.

Read more about the Folk High School Movement!

We encourage you to read about the Nordic Folk High School movement which started in Denmark in 1844. Recommendable websites:


We recommend that you make yourself familiar with our different courses by applying e. g. Google translate on the pages on our website.

We welcome you to a folk high school year with experiences, personal development and new friends!

About the Nordic folk high schools

The first Folk High School was founded in 1847 in Denmark by the educationalist Nicolai Grundtvig, and today more than 400 folk high schools offer one year courses to more than 30.000 students throughout the Nordic countries. The schools offer a large variety of courses and have the common goal of providing youngsters skills for life and of supporting the development of democracy.

Contact family / person

Students from outside of the Nordic countries are required to have a contact family /person in Norway that can accommodate you during the school vacations (Fall, Christmas, Winter and Easter vacations, app. 1 week each). We will need a statement from them/him/her concerning this.


A school year costs NOK 93.000 – 104.000 (app. € 11.300 – 12.600, or $ 15.000 – 16.900) plus admission fee NOK 1.800. This covers board, lodging, tuition and some study travels. Personal expenses are not included. Some extracurricular travels are not included (not mandatory travels).

Declaration of Compliance

You will have to sign a declaration of compliance which limits the school´s liabilities.


All students are covered by the school´s insurance during curricular activities. Students from the EU/EEA/EFTA (Schengen) region should bring with them a European Health Insurance Card. Contact your local social security office for this. Students from outside the EU / EEA / EFTA region need medical insurance. All students are required to have travel insurance. We suggest that you contact a students organization in your country for information/recommendation on students insurance. Make sure that you are covered for the whole school year even when having a fixed address.

Risøyveien 15, 4912 Gjeving
Tlf: 37 19 93 50